Commercial Plans

Two sets of construction drawings are needed for review. For additions and new buildings, site plans must be submitted showing the location of the new work, grades, slope, sidewalks, driveways and parking as applicable. Except for minor alterations such as door and window replacement, reroofing or fences, drawings must be prepared, signed and sealed by a design professional (architect or engineer) licensed in the State of Ohio.

Two copies of documentation to show compliance with the International Energy Conservation Code must be submitted for all new construction, alterations and change of use. Generally a COM-CHECK is submitted for this.

Additional Requirements

  • Soils report for soil bearing pressure greater than 1500 psf
  • One copy of the project manual and specifications, unless incorporated in the drawings
  • Two copies of tested assemblies, unless shown on the drawings
  • For assembly spaces, one additional copy of the furniture and equipment layout showing the arrangement of tables and chairs