Blueprint – Hilltop Area Projects

Large capital improvement projects (CIPs) currently underway in support of Blueprint in the Hilltop area.

Blueprint Hilltop1: Palmetto/Westgate Bioretention Basins
This project will construct bioretention basins in the Westgate neighborhood including within existing traffic islands and Westgate Park in order to provide detention and water quality improvements to rain water. Construction is expected to begin in winter 2022.

Blueprint Hilltop Eureka/Fremont Permeable Pavers
Permeable pavers will be installed to detain and improve water quality to rain water and mitigate frequent flooding; the project also includes storm sewers. Construction should begin in early 2023 and finish in late 2024. Residents will receive notice beforehand with important info and contacts. The area includes: Richardson Ave, Palmetto St, S Wayne Ave, and S Ogden Ave.

Blueprint Hilltop 1 - Eureka/Fremont Green Infrastructure
Rain gardens will be constructed in the medians along Burgess and Terrace Avenues and on a half-dozen properties to hold and filter rain water and add landscaped green spaces to the neighborhood. Construction is expected in early 2023 and completed by the end of 2024. Residents will receive notice prior to the work, with important info and contacts.