Business Incentives

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Downtown Commercial Revitalization Area: A designated area of land in Downtown Columbus in which property owners can receive a tax exemption related to eligible new investment in real property improvements. The CRA district allows the City of Columbus to negotiate exemptions on new property tax from investment for up to one hundred percent
(100%) for up to fifteen (15) years. Eligible businesses must invest in new building construction and/or improvements to existing land and buildings.

Downtown Office Incentive: Businesses locating or expanding in Downtown Columbus may be eligible for the Downtown Office Incentive. This incentive involves a cash payment equal to fifty percent (50%) of the local income tax withholdings for eligible new employees for a negotiated term for a minimum of ten new jobs created and retained within the Columbus Downtown area.

Busy Downtown Mile on High Incentives: The Mile on High incentive is designed to assist existing businesses within a designated area in downtown Columbus. The Mile on High offers tax incentives, loans and matching grant funds for qualified businesses within the area. The Mile on High area is bounded by Spring Street on the north, Front Street on the west, Mound Street on the south and Fourth Street on the east.

Downtown Streetscape Improvements: Funding specific to streetscape improvements for Downtown commercial and residential projects.