City Council Ushers in New Year with a New Era

January 2, 2024

Tonight, Columbus City Council turned the page to a new era, implementing the biggest changes to the structure of the body in 100 years that were approved by voters in 2018. Council took several actions at its organizational meeting, including:

  • Seated nine members, each representing at-large districts: This means that Council grew from seven members to nine, three of which are first-time councilmembers: Christopher L. Wyche, Nancy Day-Achauer, Melissa Green. 
  • Drew lots to establish staggered terms of service: Five councilmembers will serve a 4-year term, and four councilmembers will serve a 2-year term, running again in 2025
  • Elected and appointed leadership: Members unanimously re-elected Shannon Hardin as Council President and Rob Dorans as President Pro Tem and reappointed Andrea Blevins as City Clerk and Deborah Klie as City Treasurer.
  • Established its committee structure for the 2024-2025 year, adopting a restructured committee system.

New Committees and District Operation

Council redesigned the committee structure to better align with priorities. Council’s 21-committee structure was condensed to 11 committees based on areas of focus. These committees are vital to the new hybrid at-large districting system because residents have a Council representative who is living in their neighborhood. However, they can still access all Councilmembers regarding issues specific to their committees. 

Councilmembers, Roles, and Terms 

Council President Shannon G. Hardin – District 9

Shannon Hardin is now serving his fifth term on Council, and third as president. Hardin represents District 9, which covers Far East Columbus. This year President Hardin will chair the Rules & Policy Committee. The Rules & Policy Committee considers matters of the legislative process, executive appointments, and the Columbus City Code. President Hardin will also vice-chair the Zoning and Workforce, Education, & Labor Committees.

Term end: 2027

Council President Pro Tempore Rob Dorans – District 3

Rob Dorans is serving his second term on Council, and will serve his first full term as President Pro Tempore. Dorans represents District 3, which covers Clintonville and the University District. He was first elected to the position in 2023. This year, President Pro Tem Dorans will chair both the Zoning and Workforce, Education & Labor committees. The Workforce, Education, & Labor Committee covers matters of the city’s workforce, including labor relations, compensation and benefits, and employee development, as well as the workforce at large, including childcare, pre-kindergarten, youth, education, training, and partnerships with schools Dorans will also vice-chair the Finance and Rules & Policy committees.

Term end: 2025 

Christopher L. Wyche – District 1

Christopher Wyche is beginning his first term on City Council, representing District 1, which includes neighborhoods in Far North Columbus. He will chair the Public Utilities & Sustainability Committee. The Public Utilities & Sustainability Committee considers matters of water, power, lighting, wastewater, stormwater, and sanitary sewer services; environmental initiatives about conservation, energy, climate change, and natural resource management; and refuse collection, recycling, litter, and neighborhood beautification and cleanliness. Wyche will vice-chair the Neighborhoods, Recreation, and Parks Committee.

Term end: 2025 

Nancy Day-Achauer – District 2

Nancy Day-Achauer is beginning her first term on City Council, representing District 2, which covers Northwest Columbus. She will chair the Neighborhoods, Recreation, and Parks Committee. The Neighborhoods, Recreation, and Parks Committee considers matters of community recreation, neighborhood advocacy, civic involvement, resident quality of life, special events, conservation and care of public spaces, amenities, public art, and culture. Day-Achauer will vice-chair the Public Service and Transportation committee.

Term end: 2027  

Emmanuel V. Remy – District 4

Emmanuel V. Remy is serving his second full term on City Council, representing District 4 which covers the Northland area and Linden. Previously, he served as chair of the Public Safety Committee. He will now serve as the Chair of the newly structured Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee. This committee considers matters of violence prevention, law enforcement, crime prevention, administration of justice, crisis response, fire prevention and response, community-oriented approaches to public safety, legal settlements, and criminal justice reform efforts. Councilmember Remy will vice-chair the Public Utilities and Sustainability Committee.

Term end: 2025

Nicholas J. Bankston – District 5

Nick Bankston is serving his second term on City Council, representing District 5, which covers Northeast Columbus. He will chair two committees; Finance and Economic Development & Small and Minority Business. The Finance & Governance Committee considers matters of city administration and operations, including the operating and capital budgets, procurement, facilities, assets, supplier diversity, and technology. The Economic Development & Small and Minority Business Committee considers matters including job creation and retention, tax incentive and economic development agreements, small and/or minority-owned businesses, business incubation, and entrepreneurship.

Term end: 2027

Melissa Green – District 6

Melissa Green is beginning her first term on City Council, representing District 6, which covers the Hilltop and West side areas. She will chair the Health, Human Services, and Equity Committee. This committee will consider matters of public health and social services that address individual and community well-being. She will vice-chair the Housing, Homelessness, & Building Committee.

Term end: 2027  

Shayla Favor – District 7

Shayla Favor is serving her second term on Council, representing District 7, which includes Downtown and Near East. She will chair the newly structured Housing, Homelessness, & Building Committee. The Housing, Homelessness, & Building Committee considers matters of residential housing development and construction, homelessness and unsheltered residents, code enforcement, and building standards and processes.

Term end: 2025

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla – District 8

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla is serving her second term on Council, representing District 8, which covers the East side, South side, and Southeast Columbus. She will chair the Public Service and Transportation Committee. The Public Service & Transportation Committee considers matters of public works infrastructure, including roads, bridges, crosswalks, sidewalks, parking, traffic, right of way, snow removal, and broader issues of mobility, transportation, walkability, and biking. She will vice-chair the Economic Development & Small and Minority Business.

Term end: 2027