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ADA Compliance

In accordance with Title II, of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of Columbus has designated an ADA Coordinator to oversee and coordinate the efforts of the City of Columbus to comply with Title II.

Building & Zoning

  • Telephone(614) 645-7433

The processes of plan reviews, permitting, inspections, zoning and engineering ensures proper land development and promotes high-quality design standards through the enforcement of state and local building and zoning codes.

City Auditor

As we collect tax revenue and report the expenditure of public funds in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and Columbus City Charter, we remain committed to ensuring that we account for every tax dollar.

City Council

  • Telephone(614) 645-7380

City Council is the legislative branch of the City with the responsibility of adopting annual operating and capital budgets, city contracts and enacting the Columbus City Codes.

City Treasurer

The Columbus City Treasurer is appointed by Columbus City Council and is the custodian of all city funds.

Civilian Police Review Board

The purpose of the board is to help restore trust between the community and police. This Board allows for independent investigations – and review of internal investigations – as well as recommendations for discipline and policy changes outside the chain of command.

Department of Technology

  • Telephone(614) 645-2550

The Department of Technology (DoT) provides Columbus's residents, visitors and businesses with sustained, reliable and efficient technology services, infrastructure and telecommunications.


  • Telephone(614) 645-7795

The Department of Development is responsible for code enforcement, economic development, housing, land redevelopment, neighborhood services and planning.

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