Discount Programs

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Low Income Discount Programs

Those who qualify for this program will receive a discount of 20% off water & sewer usage charges and a one-time credit of $60. You can apply and upload supporting documents directly online for several of these programs.

Senior Citizen Discount Programs

Seniors age 60 and older with limited income may qualify for a discount on electricity and/or water bills. Many seniors qualify for both the Senior and the Low Income programs.

Electricity customers can receive a 10% discount on power usage.

Water and Sewer customers can have service charges waived.

Qualifying Income Levels for the Low Income & Senior Discount Programs

Qualifying income levels for the Low Income & Senior Discount Programs are based on the income of all household members over 18; the maximum gross income follows:

Household Size Maximum Income
1 $22,838
2 $30,258
3 $35,367
4 $44,673
5 $51,587
6 $57,560
7 $63,114
8 $71,618
9 or more $84,867

Note: The above income limits are based on 150% of the current federal poverty level and are updated annually in February.