Traffic Management

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The Division of Mobility and Parking Services (MAPS) oversees transportation and mobility planning for the city of Columbus. This includes safety studies, traffic signal review and maintenance, intersection upgrades and enhancements, as well as thoroughfare and mobility planning.

Connect Columbus
The City of Columbus is currently developing a true Multimodal Thoroughfare Plan to improve safety, reduce congestion, assist children and the elderly, and promote economic development, fitness and environmental responsibility.

Mobility Studies
Learn about current mobility studies.

Neighborhood Speeding
The City of Columbus often receives requests for speed humps on neighborhood streets to combat speeding. For most of us, we’ve even caught ourselves speeding in our neighborhood from time to time. Learn about the different ways you can help combat neighborhood speeding.

Reduce pollution and congestion, share the ride.

Information about bicycling in Columbus.

Columbus has made it a priority to increase the walkability of its neighborhoods. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther envisions a city with an enjoyable, safe walking environment in every neighborhood.

Complete Streets
Columbus is on the road to becoming a Complete Streets city.