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Enhanced Meter Project
This project will facilitate collection of electronic meter readings and provide expanded services for customers. It will be completed in phases, to begin in 2023.

Hydrant Flushing Season
Can Cause Low Pressure, Rusty Water Check the schedule to see if hydrants are being flushed in your area & learn what to do if you are experiencing rusty water. Columbus runs from April 15 - July 15. Other municipalities run from March - October.

Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report
Public Utilities' customers can consume their water with confidence, knowing it meets all of the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). View the current report. Read more about: annual water quality report, rigorous testing performed daily, common water quality concerns...

Discount/Payment Relief Programs, Payment Plans and Other Ways to Reduce Your Bill
Whether through discount programs or conservation, there are many ways to reduce your bill and we offer payment arrangements. Learn about other resources, discounts you may qualify for, and other ways to reduce your bill.

The Hometown Choice for Energy
Did you know that you have choice when it comes to your energy provider? Columbus Division of Power is the hometown choice. Use an Interactive Calculator(XLSX, 287KB) to estimate how much your monthly electric bill would be with Columbus. Our residential rates are currently lower than the local commercial provider with no hidden fees.

Blueprint Columbus
Blueprint Columbus takes all of the regulatory challenges of complying with the Clean Water Act into consideration and uses green infrastructure to meet these challenges and efficiently achieve water quality goals.

Summer Topics
Learn how to: maintain a healthy lawn, meter outdoor water use or the cost to fill a pool, make simple lawn care choices to save money and protect our water supply, participate in volunteer opportunities including Storm Drain Marking, start a community garden and more.

Water Main Breaks
Please report suspected water main breaks to 311 or 645-3111 immediately (weekdays 7:00 am - 6:00 pm) or to 645-7788 after hours and weekends. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about water main breaks.

Help Prevent Street Flooding - Keep Storm Drains Clear
Help prevent street flooding by keeping storm drains free from blockages. Trash, leaves, debris, snow & ice are all common causes of storm sewer blockages - you can help.

Lead and Drinking Water
The lead concentration in the drinking water leaving our treatment plants is below the level of detection. However, lead can enter the water from household plumbing and fixtures when water resides in plumbing for more than 6 hours. View FAQs, a presentation(PDF, 981KB), or a brochure "Reducing Exposure to Lead in Water(PDF, 3MB)"

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