Design and Construction Documents

The Division of Design and Construction administers construction projects within the right-of-way, including projects for Public Service, Public Utilities and Recreation and Parks. The division is also responsible for the management of Capital Improvements Projects and 3P consultant design contracts that produce constructible design and plan development ready for public sale to construction contractors.

Designer Resources
Information for Designers for use with Design & Construction E-Plans both private and public.

Contractor Resources
Information for Contractors for use with Design & Construction E-plans both private and public.

Resident Resources
Information for City of Columbus residents regarding upcoming, active, and past projects.

Document Library
An index of all documents contained on the Department of Public Service website.

Capital Project Information
Information about active, past, and upcoming CIP Projects.

Construction and Materials Specifications
Construction and Materials Specifications from 2018, 2012 and 2002

Consultant Information
Contract Information for use with Consultants on City of Columbus projects.

Prevailing Wage
The City of Columbus Prevailing Wage Office oversees the compliance by contractors of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4115 concerning prevailing wage laws for improvements financed by public funds.

Information on our Annual Resurfacing Programs.