Civil Service Commission

While our City Charter identifies several responsibilities for the Commission, we’re probably best known for our work in assisting City departments and elected officials with keeping the City’s nearly 9000 positions filled with qualified individuals making a difference in our community every day. The pages below are resources for anyone wanting to become part of the City of Columbus diverse work force. 


Register for an Opportunity Rising Career Workshop Today!

Attend an Opportunity Rising Career Workshop and learn more about the City's hiring and selection process, how to apply, and what to expect from the process.  

Staff will be available after the presentation to help participants create their online job profile.

Workshops will be hosted at the following locations:

(East) Blackburn Community Center, 263 Carpenter St., Cols, OH 43205

(North) Feddersen Community Center, 3911 Dresden St., Cols, OH 43224

(West) Glenwood Community Center, 1888 Fairmont Ave., Cols, OH 43223

(South) Marion-Franklin Community Center, 2801 Lockbourne Rd., Cols, OH 43207

To sign up, simply click the link provided and pick the workshop date and location that best suits you. There's a range of dates available for your convenience.

Click here to register for an upcoming Opportunity Rising Career Workshop!

Walk-ins are welcome! 

If pre-registration is full or sold out for the date that you would like to attend.  We can still register you in-person on the day of the event!

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Civil Service Commission Community Outreach

Test Center

Thank you for showing interest in the many job opportunities that the City of Columbus has to offer! The Civil Service Commission assures sound hiring and personnel practices in city government. We work to provide a quality work force for the City of Columbus based upon merit system principles. Please fill out the Civil Service Community Outreach form to be notified of upcoming:

  • Testing Clinics
  • City of Columbus Career Fair
  • Career Workshops

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